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Potent Sexual Attractants to Attract the Opposite Sex

Attract the opposite sex with our powerful pheromones!

Pheromones are natural sexual attractants we use at a subconscious level to attract the opposite sex. Use our genuine human grade pheromones to cause sexual attraction & move well ahead in the game of love.

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New Arrivals


As the owner of my own pizzeria and someone whom could do with a little more business and a bit more attention! I gave beaches body oil a try and was surprised to get more than what I expected and it also improved the number of people whom show up at my restaurant with plenty of contacts, more friends and my new boyfriend.

Zanetti Balicci Customer

Being a salesman can be a challenge because you have to come across challenges of persuading people whom you are meeting for the very first time and I thought that I’ll give beaches body oil a go just to boost my confidence and it has allowed me to build my own social network on the outside but allowed me to enjoy a more fun and spicy love life.


As a traditional Healer and one whom loves mixing my own love potions, I decided to add Hi Octane +2 just to boost my Love Potion and it worked out so well for me that I was even able to attract young women and even took some of them home to be my wife.

Isaac Morolong Customer

I decided to give Hi Octane +2 a try because I can mix it with my favourite aftershave and rub it on my head after a good shave and then after doing so many women have come to me as if they are automatically guided to do so and my life has turned around for the better using this strong sexual attraction formula.