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About Us is owned and operated by Lovemoore Sensuality Ltd (Pty), 23 Juweel Street, Jukskeipark, Randburg, 2153.

Attract sensuality is the South African Distributors under Truly Incredible Me Co. with rights to market and sell quality human pheromones in Africa and Worldwide. We concentrate on quality human pheromones and sensual scents to help the consumer obtain the quality products that he/she deserves. Most pheromones and other sexual attractants use chemicals extracted from pigs, boars and other animals. Our pheromones are genuine human pheromones which are alpha-androstenone and alpha-androstenol that are properly mixed and are genuine human hormones found inside of the human body. When you are looking to purchase genuine sexual attractants that work to the desired effect, just look for the brands Alpha-Androstenone and Alpha-Androstenol to ensure that you purchasing real sexual attractants.

We personally test each product to ensure that it meets our standards.
For the manufacturer, please contact us directly to discuss marketing opportunities for your products or services. We believe that our products and services may expand your business.