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Neuro Scientific Perspective

Dear Truly Incredible Products,

I am writing this letter because I love BEACHES, and as a doctor of neuroscience, I think you and your customers would be interested in hearing a neuroscientific and personal perspective on your products. For centuries, humans have been attempting to find the perfect aphrodisiac, a potion that would magically cause one’s object of desire to reciprocate their love and/or passion. Certainly there is much that can be said for a variety of substances that can make the chance and quality of lovemaking more likely. Recently, scientists have joined this quest for nature’s perfect aphrodisiac and found the answer has been under, or rather within, our noses all along. This perfect aphrodisiac is pheromones, such as those found in BEACHES and HI-OCTANE+2.

I use BEACHES and HI-OCTANE+2 for two reasons. First, as a neuroscientist, I am familiar with the research on pheromones, so I know that they work. Pheromones are chemicals that are secreted in our sweat (and other bodily fluids) and signal a variety of messages to others, including, “I want you now.” Neuroscientists have known for a very long time that other animals use their own pheromones to signal one another, particularly if reproduction is the topic, but until recently it was thought that pheromones did not play any role in human interaction. Now, numerous neuroscientists have shown that, indeed, pheromones play a significant role in human interaction.

Pheromones are detected by a structure in the nose called the vomeronasal organ. It is a literal sixth sense that all humans have, and its job is to detect pheromones, and not other normal scents like basil, mint, cinnamon, etc. In fact, in a recent neuroscientific study with humans (Monti-Bloch, Jennings-White, Dolberg, & Berliner, 1994) it was shown that the normal receptors in the nose did not respond to pheromones but did to normal scents, while the vomeronasal organ did not respond to normal scents but did to pheromones. Some people think that just because the vomeronasal organ detected the pheromones does not mean they actually have any effect, but the same study went on to demonstrate that exposure to pheromones had a significant effect on skin temperature, skin conductance, and cortical (brain) activity.

This showed that pheromones had an effect on the autonomic nervous system, producing what one might call a “relaxation response,” the opposite of a stress response. In addition, these neuroscientists found that certain pheromones worked for males but not for females, while others worked only for females. This relaxation response is exactly the kind of effect one would want from the perfect aphrodisiac. The chances of creating a sexual encounter, as well as the quality of that encounter, are much greater when a person is relaxed.

It is very important to remember that these pheromones are being produced naturally by our own bodies. They are the perfect aphrodisiac because they relax the wearer and the one being pursued, and they do it subconsciously. Unfortunately, most of us wash our pheromones down the drain right before we go out to find or meet a lover. In order for these perfect aphrodisiacs to work, we must either forgo showering or replace the lost pheromones by applying them to our skin. Hence, the need for BEACHES. Wearing it returns us to a pre-sterile world full of the animal drives and sexual intensity that we should be experiencing naturally.
There are a number of experiments that have shown that pheromones do more than just change our skin temperature. They can also affect how a person feels about another person, particularly how attractive they think the pheromone-wearer is. In my own research, I have found that both males and females exposed to BEACHES report being significantly more relaxed than those who are not exposed to it. In addition, males exposed to BEACHES rated pictures of women as being significantly more attractive, and females exposed to BEACHES rated pictures of women as being significantly less aggressive.

The second reason I use BEACHES is because it is very clear to me, personally, that it works. I don’t have any trouble meeting women or encountering sexual pleasure without BEACHES, but the days and nights I wear BEACHES are incredibly better than the days and nights when I don’t wear BEACHES. I could tell you some great stories! The bottom line is that falling-in-love; animal lust, seduction, attraction, and lovemaking have a lot more to do with subconsciously detected chemicals called pheromones than most of us think. Those of us who use these chemicals and our vomeronasal organs (the 6th sense) are more likely to have more sexual encounters and experiences than those who ignore the scientific evidence and think they can win someone over by wearing a nice shirt. One nice shirt for 50 bucks that you can wear occasionally, or a bottle of BEACHES for 50 bucks that you can wear every day? You don’t have to be a neuroscientist to figure that one out.
Mark Olson, PhD


Hi Mark,
I happened to read your article about pheromones on the website and had a few questions. You mentioned BEACHES and HiOCTANE as two brands. What’s the difference? More importantly, do you think it’s truly effective? Or is it all hype and a rip off?

Beaches and HiOctane are both two separate pheromone products that have been made by made by Truly Incredible Products–they both contain the same pheromones-the difference is that beaches is scented (kind a a coconut scent -I really enjoy it) and the hi-octane is basically scentless (to be added to other oils or perfumes you already like).
It is quite obvious to me, personally, that these products work–it is not hype. I know that I feel a noticeable difference when I am wearing beaches and that I have incredibly good fortune with females when I wear it…I could tell you stories… In addition, I have conducted preliminary studies with Beaches at the University of Illinois and found a number of interesting effects, one of them being a significantly great sense of relaxation among those individuals exposed to Beaches, consistent with my own personal experience with the product.
There is PLENTY of scientific evidence to support the effectiveness of pheromones, and there is plenty of scientific reason to suppose that they should work–the pheromone sense comprises an entirely separate sensory system–a literal 6th sense. But because the scent is invisible to our noses, we are slower to believe it in. If you would like to know more, let me know. I haven’t done much experimentation with the Hi-octane, but a few nights ago it seemed to help (course it was new year’s eve…)
Mark Olson, PhD
…..I am often asked, Dr. Olson, what do you think of these pheromone products…isn’t it all just a bunch of hype?
This is an understandable question, because pheromones themselves are actually invisible, or undetectable, to the sense of smell. We often have trouble believing in those things that we cannot sense. But there is plenty of neuroscientific evidence that demonstrates that humans produce and emit pheromones and that these pheromones are detected by a sensory system that is entirely separate from the normal sense of smell. In other words, pheromones are detected by a literal 6th sense and the effects of these pheromones have been scientifically observed. One of the effects is that a person feels more relaxed, which of course is vital to a healthy sex life. I have found this relaxation effect in both scientific experiments and in my own personal experience.
Some people aren’t interested in scientific evidence. They just want to know, are pheromone products going to help me meet someone of the opposite sex? In my experience, I would have to say definitely yes. I could tell numerous stories whose endings were more far more pleasant because I was using Beaches, the only pheromone product I have found that both works and smells great. Recently I moved to a tropical island and left my supply of Beaches behind–I figured I wouldn’t need those pheromones in the tropics. Boy, was I wrong. I went from having all the intimate and sensual experiences I could ever dream of to absolutely no opportunities for months! Finally I got a new supply of Beaches sent to me and things changed instantly, back to how they were before! Now I make sure I wear Beaches everywhere I go, although sometimes I intentionally go without it when I simply have more intimate opportunities than I have time for.
I cannot overemphasize enough how incredible Beaches is. Some people simply cannot resist–it takes them over the edge, giving you such an incredible advantage over everyone else who isn’t wearing it!
Mark Olson, PhD