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The Chairman's Perspective

Hello Friends

You know, we've all been associating for quite a while about human attraction and the nature of how our chemistry bonds with the opposite sex and it actually became a mystery of how it really happens. We’ve all been led to believe that our speech, our appearance as well as our status means a lot when we look to attract the opposite sex especially if they were women. I am truly fascinated about pheromones and have had the advantage of testing all of the ones that I was able to get hold of especially since there are so many of them and sometimes I spent far too much money for some that were the most expensive without the key pheromones that were responsible for the real sexual attraction. Laboratory tests demonstrate that Alpha-Androstenone and Alpha-Androstenol from Truly Incredible Products Co. were the only human grade pheromones that formed genuine human pheromones responsible for attracting the opposite sex. Alpha-Androstenone is a 100% sexual pheromone found mostly in males than in females and radiates strong sexual feelings that is very deep inside of the inner body and can only be traced by the subconscious mind. Alpha-Androstenol is a strong social pheromone found more in females than in males which was responsible for strong social interactions and deep bonding with the opposite sex.

There are basically two different distinctions of people that are found in nature and even in our society whether it was a male or a female. There are people whom radiate a strong form of sexual chemistry and these people were accepted both in nature as well as in our society by both males and females. Then there are also other people whom radiate a very weak form of sexual chemistry both in nature and in our society and these kind of people are difficult to even keep a general conversation going. Scent also plays a very vital role in influencing thought because attraction without thoughts of love, intimacy, comfort then sex is not as influential and meaningful whether a pheromone brand consists of several pheromones. I understand that wearing expensive colognes smells extremely good and has a huge impact on your self esteem and your character and this is where you can add Hi Octane+2 or our Scentless Pheromone spray to convert your favorite cologne into a powerful sexual attractant especially for you.

Then there is Beaches Body Oil which is the world’s best selling pheromone and is by far the strongest sexual attractant I’ve ever used as a person. Beaches is a combination of 17 exotic aromatherapy oils mixed with genuine pheromones. As a person, have you ever had experiences where there was a combination of deep thought combined with strong sexual fantasies colored with extremely beautiful colors bonded with nature’s finest taste. The beauty of associating deep thought together with all these wonderful yet extreme sensual experiences is that it reaches your cellular level right down to your DNA and that is really deep inside. So you can easily imagine yourself genuinely attracting extremely beautiful women or that special beef cake if you were a woman and having them sexually attracted to you from deep inside of their DNA and for me this is why Beaches Body Oil is so special. Have you ever had another experience where you smelled something really good to eat and you gave no thoughts to any judgments as to why you really needed to eat that something? Similarly the very same theory applies with sexual intercourse where a special combination of food scents stimulates a deep form of animal hunger and when that happens, what do you actually do especially when you realize that we are human beings in the real world? And now you can actually imagine extremely beautiful women having an animal form of hunger for you without any judgments or having any man you so desperately desire whether it’s a Ben 10 or a Blesser really coming to you and serving your will when you wear Beaches Body Oil which is our best selling pheromone brand. You will stimulate a strong form of sexual hunger together with extreme sensual experiences right down to the DNA level. Beaches Body Oil is my personal favorite.


Enjoy the rest of your day.

Lovemoore Sensuality